Tuesday, January 30, 2018


  So I found this site called Patreon and although I'm not counting on it to raise funds for the exhibition(s) I'd love to do this year, I do think it could help me promote my artwork since I can make posts there like a blog of sorts and maybe I'll sell a print some day.


Monday, January 29, 2018

I Want to Sell My Art Prints at an Exhibition

  Every year there's an arts fest here in Beverly, as well as in Salem and a few other local areas, and I would love to sell my art at them this year, however, I do not have the funding in order to accomplish it.  The  Beverly Arts Fest is in June, however, the application process starts next month and I can't even come up with the entry fee.

Not only do I have to come up with the entry fee in order to be able to set up, exhibit and sell, I also need to order prints and products in order to have inventory to resell, then I also need tables and a tent, as well as all the various necessary signage, business cards, and anything else necessary in order to successfully sell my art.

The only way I see this actually becoming a reality is for me to earn at least $5000 or more within the next month, and right now, I have no idea how I'm going to do that since the majority of artist's who actually make a sale on Fine Art America only sell 1 to 2 prints a year, most of the artist's there never sell a single print, which completely SUCKS!

I LOVE creating beautiful images.. I love art, but selling is hard.I think I may need to change printers so I can reduce the end cost to the buyer.

I'm reading articles on marketing and selling and many other things, and I'm trying, so, perhaps not this year, maybe the next, I don't know.

I also have other hopes as well, and honestly, I NEED to sell my art, because it's all I have..

I pondered on the idea of a crowd funding thing to raise funds in order to do my first ever exhibition, but think it may be embarrassing because I don't want to look like a beggar even though in reality I am a poor person living in poverty because I have arthritis and degenerative spine conditions on top of severe anxiety problems, which makes it nearly impossible to hold a regular job, so I thought perhaps selling art would help alleviate all the financial problems, and even when I have busted my ass trying to find work, I get discriminated against for being transgender.

The odds have been stacked against me from the beginning, but I am trying.  I have goals and dreams and I'm trying to make them a reality, one of them is to travel, but I'm too poor and broke to do that, so I set up goals to sell my art.  I also need to purchase a new camera since mine is finally at maxium shutter count I am so depressed over it..  I love photography and need life changing circumstances, so, I hope all this work and effort pays off.  Art shouldn't be about the money, but selling prints and trying to earn a living, I feel like it's nearly impossible for someone like me.

The last time I sold any art was when I created a painting to donate to Los Angeles Youth Network in Hollywood, California for their art auction to raise funds for their homeless teens center and that was back in 1990.  I made over $500 on that sale, the remaining $4500 went to the charity.  It was the first and only time I ever sold a painting..,.. and I once sold a bulk load of photography prints to a collector in Salem back in 1998 or 99 when I had my own darkroom and portable studio, fresh out of UMass and working at the TV studio.

It would be fantastic if I were actually selling prints.  I love the beautiful images I create and I know other's will like them too, but I'm skeptical about making print sales not because of lack of confidence, but because of my print on demand supplier Fine Art America has the highest prices of all the POD sources and I for one know I my self could never piss out $400-500 for a printed picture to hang on the wall.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New Artist's Blog

   I'm working on promotion, trying to expand my reach so that people can find my art, so I created a new art blog.  << clicking the link will take you to it.   I thought it would be better to make a new blog just for my art promotion efforts, while keeping this one more diary like, I think..

Friday, December 01, 2017

I Upgraded to Premium Membership on Fine Art America

    Well, after uploading several photographs to Fine Art America in my attempts to sell prints of my photography, I discovered that they only allow members to upload 25 images unless you pay them $30 a year, and with that upgrade you also get what they call artist's site, so I'm going to upload my paintings and other artworks I made.

I used my own domain name instead of the pixels.com subdomain, so now I have www2.litakelley.com going to the FAA Pixels artist's site.

I'm going to work on building my profile, portfolio, uploading my artworks and photos, as well as figure out some marketing and branding stuff.

With a lot of work and effort, I should be selling prints soon.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I Just Got my Domain Name at 1and1 for .99 cents

   Since I'm working on developing my brand and name for business as a model, a photographer and artist, I decided to buy my domain name LitaKelley.com .  I got it through 1and1.com for only .99cents + tax, so it came out to $1.07 total for me, yours may be different tax amount though because every state and country, etc is different.

Next year when it's time to renew it, it'll be $14.99.

I guess I'll have a website very shortly.  I'm taking things slowly so that it does not become overwhelming.  I'm also contemplating on becoming a paid member of Fine Art America so I can upload more images, as well as get the artist's website offered, so I'll need my own domain name for that even though I could just use their subdomain on pixels.com.

Friday, November 24, 2017

I Joined Fine Art America

   I first heard about Fine Art America through a fellow Boston photographer I follow on my Twitter, but I didn't give it any real thought or looking into until learning more about it from my cousin Linda who is also a photographer.  She sells prints of her birds, wildlife and nature photography, and so I thought perhaps I will try my luck with selling art prints as well.

  I just started uploading some of my photography there and will see how this all works out.  Come check it out.