Sunday, October 08, 2017

Finally Married

There's so much more I wanted to share and write about on our wedding, but,, it's been a long past few days and I am completely exhausted.

I loved the ceremony and Lama Sonam was amazing,  I'm happy my daughter Tori walked me down the aisle and that both her and my maid of honor got to present a khata offering to Lama-la.

Unfortunately the sound system malfunctioned, so we had no music going down the aisle, but it all worked out well enough anyway.

I loved how our shrine come out and it was a lot of work and effort to bring it all from home to the venue and back, but it was worth it.  What an unforgettable, memorable experience.

Our Tibetan Buddhist Shrine at our Wedding

Everything before the ceremony was chaotic, so Amanda and I ended up on the opposite sides that we planned out ahead of time.  I wanted to be facing my own family & friends, so that I could see their faces, but it didn't happen the way we planned. Oh well.  Can't do it over

This iss the only photo I have of the ceremony right now until I get the rest of them from our guests, which I will be sharing on my facebook, hopefully soon.

Amanda Rose Kelley & Lita Xú Líng Kelley Tibetan Buddhist Wedding, led by Lama Konchok Sonam of Drikung Meditation Center

So, that's all I have to say about our amazing LGBT Buddhist wedding.