Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I Just Got my Domain Name at 1and1 for .99 cents

   Since I'm working on developing my brand and name for business as a model, a photographer and artist, I decided to buy my domain name LitaKelley.com .  I got it through 1and1.com for only .99cents + tax, so it came out to $1.07 total for me, yours may be different tax amount though because every state and country, etc is different.

Next year when it's time to renew it, it'll be $14.99.

I guess I'll have a website very shortly.  I'm taking things slowly so that it does not become overwhelming.  I'm also contemplating on becoming a paid member of Fine Art America so I can upload more images, as well as get the artist's website offered, so I'll need my own domain name for that even though I could just use their subdomain on pixels.com.

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