Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Poem from "The Journey Continues", by Amanda Rose Brennick

  I'm helping my fiancée Amanda get word out for her second book of poetry called "The Journey Continues", so, since spring is right around the corner, I decided to share with you a selection from her poems, titled "Spring"

The Journey Continues, by Amanda Rose BrennickSpring,
Spring is finally near,
We have waited far too long
The Earth is almost ready,
To hear that joyful song

Birds return North,
Babies are born
A feeling of rebirth,
Bidding farewell to winter's mourn

The sun will say hello,
Once more he will rise
That radiant warmth & glow,
Will pause life & mesmerize

Oh sweet season,
I feel you ever so near
For you are the season of change,
Of birth, of joy, of cheer.

© 2015. Amanda Rose Brennick

"The Journey Continues" is available at

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