Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wedding Planning

   Amanda and I have been planning our wedding and so far it seems that virtually every idea we come up with, there's always something that gets in the way that makes it impractical or impossible.

  We thought about an outdoor wedding and reception on the beach, however, this also seems like a complete pain in the neck to actually accomplish without any unexpected problems coming up, so we cancelled out that idea.

  Then we thought about a picnic blanket style wedding at Lynch Park in Beverly, that is until we found out that the City of Beverly does not allow weddings on ANY park or beach, with the exception of the Rose Garden which costs $300 and only allows 2 hours and NOTHING is allowed but chairs only.   So, that idea went out the window, because who the hell has a wedding with no music, decorations, sound, etc.

So now we're contemplating on renting the Beverly Cove Community Center, that is if they ever answer their freaking phone and/or emails.  We're working on August 5th for the date and have been discussing with a friend from Tibet on having a Buddhist Gelugpa monk perform wedding blessings and rituals, followed with our vows to be led by our friend Rachel who is ordained through the ULC.

  Our wedding will be non traditional, and custom tailored to our own way.  We have a lot of planning to do and very little cash to do it with, so, nothing is set in stone yet until we have it all figured out, but so far, we're pretty sure that the maximum amount within our financial means is around $1100, $350 of which is for the venue, but we get to have it for the entire day and evening so that there's time before and after for setup and cleanup, etc.

We're also going to need friends and family to step up and volunteer to help with things like setup and cleanup, etc

  I found a beautiful dress that I would absolutely LOVE to wear for our wedding, but whether or not I can actually afford it is another matter, but more importantly, it must be a perfect fit and look good on me.   Amanda wants to wear all white, but I am more eccentric and can't stand the majority of traditional wedding dress styles, so am opting for something different and with some color.

If we can manage financially, this is the dress I want.
I love Indian Lehenga and want this dress so bad, however, would change the top to the same off white color of the skirt and longer so that my midriff isn't exposed, and perhaps a corset lacing in the back.   Another option I have considered is a black wedding dress, or if all else fails, a white lace dress with orange sash, or perhaps a medieval renaissance style dress..  All I know is that I can't stand traditional wedding dress styles and I just want to be different.

For flowers and bouquet, were pretty much set on sunflowers mixed with some orange and white flowers.

I'm also debating on whether or not we should put together a wedding website too. 

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