Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Memories Fade, but the Scars Still Linger.

My memory sometimes slips and fades, even escapes me. Add to that conundrum the distractions galore and a mind often too overwhelmed to clearly focus.  These are but a few reasons I have decided to keep this journal, diary and blog, not only for my own benefit, to keep a diary of events, thoughts and feelings, but also to share with others, to express ideas, share information and so much more.

  I have been ignoring my own needs, joys and interests for far too long.   I began setting this blog up a very long time ago, to organize my own thoughts and ideas, to share and express myself, but I procrastinated on doing anything with it thanks to life's daily challenges, poor time management and the lack of concentration, focus, and desire due to dealing with depression and anxiety.  

  It's time I stop ignoring my own needs and interests and get back into doing things I enjoy, to motivate my self to break free from all that holds me back, weighs me down and keeps me from blooming...  To free my mind from its own self inflicted chains.

 Welcome to what's likely to become a disordered look into my mind, my life, my heart and soul, life's joys and even its tears, past, present and the dreams of future.  A place for my thoughts, ideas and self expression....Virtual Spirit is a small breath of all that I am, a whole greater than the sum of its parts. 

The term "Virtual Spirit" comes from the English translation of my middle name Xú Líng. ( 虚灵 )

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